Reidar Alma Log

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Promise Fans Public Will

Sure, there are plenty of totally worthy acts on the undercard conor oberst and his mystic valley band, antony the johnsons, superchunk, the hold steady, gang gang dance, no age, the vivian girls, etc. I promise my fans and the public it will not happen again. The telegraph story said, sir paul and his first wife were friends with the blakemans before linda death from cancer in 1998, as they knew each other from holidaying in the upmarket coastal resort of the hamptons on long island. And it was better to see bruce sunday than some candy ear, flavor-of-the-month-type striptease act geared at 12-year-old ipod owners. I mean i don ,t smoke pot but i could really care less if he does.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Freestyle World Park City

According to our spies, springsteen will open his act with his classic tenth avenue freeze out. The freestyle world cup in park city isn t the only big event happening in the wasatch this weekend. I sure do hope we are in for a better world. This pot thing isn t the only bad press or unsavory picture that has shown up. _______________________ re springsteen i didn t like the options for the survey, pookie.

Phelps Water Again After

Or perhaps i would have more fortunate to come up with a story that meshed entertainment with reader interest - such as the trip that i took in a borrowed cadillac to the barbeque restaurant in tomball, texas, owned by the father of patriots linebacker ted johnson. Phelps in hot water again after pot pic surfacesmichael phelps embarrassed himself again after a triumphant olympics, this time getting his picture snapped as he inhaled from a marijuana pipe. And the springsteen camp isn t talking. The four songs performed today the set ended with glory days (you were expecting something else. One day his own ego will destroy him.

Director Told That Jamal Never Acted

They echoed his tricky rhymes back to him, waved lighters (or cell phones) in the air and squealed each time he stripped off his shirt to reveal the dense thicket of tattoos etched across his scrawny chest. The director told me that jamal had never acted before. Underwood and hudson join this list of performers coldplay, jonas brothers, kenny chesney, katy perry and lil wayne. This has meant years of hurtful and untrue press. Though lil kim has been victimized at times, she has never remained a victim.

Biggie Smalls Artist Unique Skill

Phelps was allegedly photographed smoking marijuana in november of 2008 at a college party which he showed up unannounced to, according to news of the world. aka biggie smalls, was an artist of unique skill and charisma all of which is captured in a pitch-perfect, and at times, even moving performance by the obscure rapper jamal gravy woolard. This might, of course, indicate that wayne simply doesnt care what hes saying and in an important sense, one more familiar from avant-garde rock n roll, he truly doesnt but theres more to the metonymic reduction than that. You could tell michael had smoked before, the article reported a witness as saying. The success of the show has prompted steve to lobby for rock n roll to be accepted as a bone fide college degree course.